Antoinette Anderson, One New Man Artist

The Journey

After a 40 year journey of prayer for Israel, I am excited to release and share these prophetic paintings with you.  They are ‘birthed’ out of my own lived experience with The Word, the Land and the Spirit of God.  The paintings can be viewed as an allegorical Story entitled The Good Gardener and the Mystery of the Two Trees, representing a visual journey of the history of Israel and the Church through the heart of the Father. 

The mystery of Israel and the Church has been hidden from past generations but is now being revealed to Intercessors and leaders across the globe. With it, the Lord is releasing an explosion of creative expressions across His Body. These prophetic paintings are my portion as part of this  outpouring Grace from our Father. 

Our ability to be creative can, however, often be blocked or stunted at any age throughout our life. In particular a wound inflicted in early age can have devastating consequences resulting in life long loss and frustration. This was my own experience until recently.  

The healing

Throughout my life I wrestled with dark shadows, unable to express that creative force inside me.  But now, late in life, I can shout from the rooftops “I am healed”!  Praise God He has healed me and released me into freedom to express biblical truths, from a place of freedom deep within. The Story of the Good Gardener Story and the paintings on this website are an expression of that joyful release to the glory of God my Father. 

As the Holy Spirit is calling this unique generation of God’s children to stand in the gap for Israel and the Jewish People.  I am grateful to offer these images to aid prophetic intercession that can break down stereotype mindsets and even generational strongholds that bind the mind and heart of Abba’s children, both Jews and Gentiles alike.