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One New Man Art Painting: Ancient Promises

Ancient Promises

Scripture: “Then he said to me, “Speak a prophetic message to these bones and say, ‘Dry bones, listen to the word of the Lord!” (Ezekiel 37:4)

“For those will be days of God’s vengeance, and the prophetic words of the Scriptures will be fulfilled.” (Luke 21:22)

“The days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘when I will bring my people Israel and Judah back from captivity and restore them to the land I gave their ancestors to possess,’ says the Lord.” (Jeremiah 30:3)

“Furthermore, we have the reliable prophetic word. You do well by paying attention to it, as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” (2 Peter 1:19)

This painting started out as a pencil sketch in my Bible Study note book. Once I had started on the Olive Tree theme for a short story, I remembered this sketch and thankfully found the note book amongst a pile of other books.

In Deuteronomy 32 Moses said to the people, of Israel “ these are not just words written on a tablet, they are life to you”.  This painting is my idea of how alive and living and full of Power the Bible really is. 

From the Book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, Almighty God has given us His guide Book for every matter under the Sun.

Given to, written by, preserved, guarded protected and highly valued throughout the centuries by Jewish people, many of whom gave their lives in the process. 

It’s a remarkable story of the power and mercy of God to cover protect and release to every succeeding generation His light and life contained in these sacred Words.

In this present generation we are particularly blessed to be that unique generation that can ‘see’ many of these ancient words of promise, being fulfilled before our very eyes.

I can testify personally that ‘these words” are not just words on a page, they truly are the very breath of God that gives life and meaning to all things.

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