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One New Man Art Painting: Creatures Great and Small

Creatures Great and Small

Scripture: "The Land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kind and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kind. And God saw that it was good." 
Genesis 1:12

Being a native of Africa the giraffe standing in the foreground was my first choice for a large animal in this painting. Notice the tiny herd of elephants in the mid background giving a sense of the wide open spaces, typical of the African grass lands.

The deep red orange and brown palette, aid in reflecting the heat of the hot and dry summers of my youth. By contrast the cool waters of a sparkling waterfall bursting out of a densely green jungle, teeming with life, creates a frame to draw your eye forward to the suggestion of a large serpent reminiscent of the Garden of Eden story.

The rainbow arching over high mountains in a misty background joins the contrasting landscapes of this painting to remind us that our Creator God is a living God who covenants with all His Creation. 

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