The Story

This prophetic painting story, tells of the relationship between God, Israel and the Church, their past, present and future destinies, as revealed in the Scriptures.  

It’s a true mystery that has been hidden from past generations but is now being revealed to this unique End Time Generation, of prophetic Intercessors, and leaders across the globe.

The Olive Tree

The imagery in the paintings of an Olive Tree helps us to ‘picture’ The Family of God in a simple, even child-like manner.  The biblical text talks of the Israelites as being of the seed of Abraham, whom God called to be a Father of many nations. Elsewhere in scripture Israel is referred by God, as My First Born Son.  

By using the symbol of The Olive Tree representing God's Family in the earth, we see a mystery revealed, Israel as being the root, and Gentiles being The Wild Olive Tree, grafted into that same root. 

"And you Gentiles, who were branches from a wild Olive tree, have been grafted in." Romans 11:17

The Story Overview

The story begins and ends with God our Father, Creator of all things, who prepares a perfectly balanced place to sustain and support His seed. Like a Good Gardener, He plants an Olive Tree seed, nurtures and watches over it, patiently pruning and cultivating it over a long time.  The Good Gardener knows how to get the very best fruit out of His cultivated olive tree.  

So by laying wild olive branches to its roots, watching and waiting patiently through time, He knows that it will ultimately bring about an exceptional bumper harvest, as both cultivated and wild olive trees learn to grow together. This then, is the climax of the ages, Jews and Gentiles bearing fruit as a One New Man Bride for Messiah the Son through the loving nurture and tender care of Abba Father’s matchless wisdom and Love.

The Good Gardener

The Good Gardener and the mystery of the two trees

The Good Gardener and the mystery of The Two Tree’s is a written and painted allegorical interpretation of the Biblical text in the Book of Romans chapter eleven.

This ancient text written thousands of years ago by the Jewish Apostle Shaul (Paul) makes reference to a cultivated Olive Tree (Israel) and a Wild Olive Tree (Gentiles from the nations of the world).

"And you Gentiles, who were branches from a wild Olive tree, have been grafted in." Romans 11:17